We are Barkhouse NM, an innovative community resource solution to New Mexico's pet overpopulation issue. Through low cost spay & neuter services, vaccination & microchipping, and our renowned transport operations, we humanely and lovingly save lives.






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Under one roof, we are taking on New Mexico's pet overpopulation issue in a multitude of unique and innovative ways. We want to quickly and humanely affect change, and save the lives of our region's dogs and cats, and bring Las Cruces/Dona Ana County  and the surrounding areas to no kill status.

Here's how:


Low Cost Spay & Neuter- Our facility will house a vet clinic specifically outfitted for high volume spay and neuter, providing our region a much needed low cost solution for our residents and their pets. Let's face it, pet owners want to do the responsible thing, and make sure their beloved pet is fixed. But all too often, cost of services can make that too far out of reach. We believe that should no longer be a barrier to your pet's health needs. We're here to help, and save you money. Ensuring access to these services for all residents and their pets contributes in a huge way to stopping unwanted births, and the thousands of stray animals.

Available for Residents in the following NM counties: Dona Ana, Catron, Chaves, Grant, Hidalgo, Lincoln, Luna, Otero, Sierra, and Socorro. 

Vaccinations & Microchip Services- Barkhouse as a multi-faceted hub will have vaccinations and microchip services available as a quick trip drive through area. No need to sit in waiting rooms for this in and out service. Convenience is everything! By eliminating wait times, and allowing people to do this in a efficient, convenient way, more people will take advantage of these services. This will undoubtedly ensure more pets, if lost, can find their way home with registered  microchips, and vaccinations create a more healthy pet population, limiting deadly diseases. It's a win-win.


Transport- Here is where we are proudly creating immediate change, and saving lives. New Mexico has a real pet overpopulation issue, where shelters and rescues are exceeding capacity.  Good, adoptable animals are killed in government run shelters because of overcrowding and lack of space. Our solution is simple, but takes a lot of work and logistical consideration in order to make it work. We recognize that not everywhere has the same challenges we do, and actually, are exactly the opposite. There are places within our reach that have more people looking to adopt, than animals ready for adoption. So we are solving their problem, and our problem simultaneously by transporting dogs and cats to these areas. We accept animals from  overpopulated shelters and rescues, and with charter planes and buses we transport them to our fully screened receiver rescues. In collaboration with us, they find our NM animals loving homes and new lives! Every animal transported is a life saved. A victory for us, and our community.

Last Litter- This is a program specifically designed to help those with litters of puppies who may no longer be able to care for them without assistance.  Our neonatal services are available for puppies and mama dogs. Our services  allow them to grow in a clean, healthy, and friendly environment. We also fix the mom ensuring this is her "Last Litter." The spay of the mama dog and surrender of all the pups is a requirement for entry into the last litter program, as our aim is to eliminate the possibility of continued litters, contributing to our ever present overpopulation issue. When weaned, puppies will be transferred to our rescue partners and mom stays with her local family.  

Our mission is one of service.  We want to build bridges of trust for change. 

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